About me in 2023

Hello, it’s me Pamela

'I am raising awareness about Parkinson's Disease & other Chronic Illnesses. I am sharing fashion & life hacks for those of us with Mobility issues or for those of us just getting older. I will be training for the Canadian Masters Swimming Nationals 2024, with ongoing Fundraising for Parkinson Canada to support research and patient support programs.'

My entire website here has changed from a pure fashion retail site to more of an informational and fundraising site because of my own health struggles. I was diagnosed with Early Onset Parkinson's in 2017, just after recovering from Breast Cancer, and while I am in generally good health I struggle with day to day living as my symptoms progress. 

After several falls and accidents related to my Parky symptoms, I made the decision to jump back into the water to get stronger, get healthier and try to Beat Parky as best I can. I was a former competitive swimmer growing up and was hesitant to get back in, but now swimming has been a savior for me bringing back some quality of life and a sense of purpose. Currently I am training for the 2024 Canadian Masters Nationals, registering as a Para Swimmer, and raising money for Parkinson Canada as I train! 

If you know me you also know my great love of Fashion, and may know me from my former designer boutique IONA in Madison, WI or most recently creating and selling my hand-dyed clothing here on this site. The physical toll was too much on my Parky body making fashion, so I decided to hang up the creating and instead focus on recommending exceptional fashion and lifestyle options that are great for people with mobility issues, chronic illnesses, or are just getting older like me! I became so frustrated trying to dress myself with complicated fastenings, that I simplified my wardrobe and am on the constant hunt for easy to wear, high quality, and sustainable designers and brands. Just because I'm getting older and can't fasten a button doesn't mean I don't want to look great! I'm sure you can relate

Same goes with my home & lifestyle. If I can find some life hacks or products that will make our lives better and easier, you bet I will let you know.

Speaking of betting, you may also know I have been playing serious recreational poker for a long time, as well as have been a member of Team Canada for GG Poker, the worlds largest poker site. While I still love the game I only play I only play regional tournaments these days.

I live in the Ottawa Valley with my husband Monty and our 3 cats Piper, Chloe & Willoughby. Monty & I spend a ton of time with homesteading efforts these days, growing some of our own food , fixing our own things and enjoying a simple lifestyle with our community. We still love a good 80's/ 90's dance party though.

I hope you find the content on site to be useful, educational or inspirational. As always I enjoy interacting with you, please feel free to contact me at any time. Pamela


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